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The Song Therapy Network

An informal international association of independent creative music and singing leaders working in community, social care and education. Our one year online Song Therapy course attracts students from around the world. In the UK many students are funded by their employers including the NHS, Department of Health, Local Government, Education Authorities, Charities and other NGOs.


Certificate in Song Therapy Training


We offer support, training and resources to experienced community musicians, music teachers, choir directors, well being practitioners and many others working professionally in recreational music making in community, health, social care and education. This specifically includes nurses and other healthcare professionals working in health and social care settings delivering high quality music and singing programmes, perhaps in their spare time, to those in their care.

We have some one hundred and twenty members in the UK, Ireland, the US, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Germany and the Channel Islands. Membership is free and there is no formal registration process. Members are kept up to date with song therapy peer support sessions on ZOOM as well as in house training opportunities and discounted third party training through iHASCO.

Song therapy acknowledges that the quality of community music making is ultimately linked to the human skills of the leaders of these groups, the nature of the relationships that they build with others and very importantly the nature of the relationship that they build with themselves. Soft skills. Awareness. Observation. Active listening. Person centred thinking. Mindfulness. Acceptance. Empathy. Positive regard.

Beyond this song therapy celebrates popular music in all its different cultural and historic forms. The immense value of familiar melody and rhythm to engage people in reminiscence, social connection and a sense of belonging. Powerful forces indeed.

Finally we celebrate new music and learning. Song writing. Music from different cultural traditions. Catalysts for self expression, understanding, social cohesion, confidence, knowledge and self worth.

Anyone can register with the Song Therapy Network, you don't need to be an experienced community musician to become a part of our gentle positive community. To register for free please get in touch without obligation.