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The Song Therapy Network . . .

is an informal international association of musicians and activity co-ordinators. We offer training, encouragement and support to those developing and delivering recreational singing, songwriting and other music programmes in community social care and education. NHS Trusts, The Department of Health, Local Government, Education Authorities, Charities and NGOs are now regularly funding Song Therapy training for their staff.

Organisations funding Song Therapy training for their staff


We invite alliances with other organisations keen to promote music making and well being in community and social care. Our alliance scheme offers discounted training for your staff and volunteers, free regular webinars and further discounted training through our third party training partners, iHASCO. There are no costs and all we ask in return is that you share our training opportunities with your staff team and indeed with others who might be interested in creative leadership training for their staff.

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Certificate in Song Therapy

Our popular one year distance learning programme offers a modern gentle approach to maximising the therapeutic potential of informal music making programmes.

The course costs £850 and this includes a personal tutor to offer support and guidance as you go along. It can be paid for in instalments. It is delivered online over ten months but students can take longer if required due to other commitments. If your organisation is allied to the Song Therapy Network, discounts apply.

Our certificate course is first and foremost a creative leadership course. Transferable human skills. Soft skills. Empathy. Positive Regard. Emotional Intelligence. Observation. Active Listening. Critical Thinking. Mindfulness. Person Centred.



We explore the concepts of humility and self awareness as cornerstones of positive contemporary leadership and explicitly reject the historical corrosive effect of elitism in the workplace, whether implied or otherwise.


"Knowledge without wisdom is a cup without water"

We particularly celebrate popular music in all its contemporary, historical and cultural forms as a powerful catalyst for social inclusion and well being. New music, world music and songwriting too, as we build confidence and self worth through learning and self expression.

Gentle considerate leadership leaving the door open for others to shine and express themselves without fear of rejection or judgement. Our training draws from established theories of attachment, person centred therapeutic practice and modern philosophy to offer reliable theoretical frameworks for leaders of recreational music making groups.

It is important to say that Song Therapy is not Music Therapy which is a clinical healthcare profession in the UK.

Rather Song Therapy draws upon long established and celebrated academic research to provide solid foundations for professional sensitive leadership of music groups in recreational informal settings.


Organisations funding Song Therapy training for their staff


How do I get my employer to fund my training?


Help for employers funding their staff's training


Self funded students - more details here


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Music is a powerful force for social connection and well being particularly so for those facing health challenges in their lives. The growth in popularity of Dementia Choirs is just one example of the increasing awareness of the contribution of popular song and community singing to individual and collective well being and health.

The NHS Recovery College and the growth of Social Prescribing also suggests a bright future for Song Therapy which places such importance upon sensitive responsible creative leadership in informal non-clinical music making settings.

Many students are self funded whilst others are funded by their employers. So, if you wish to develop your creative leadership skills or perhaps if you fund creative and leadership training in community, health or social care then please get in touch.


We can provide more information about our independent one year Certificate course and the particular NHS Trusts and Local Government departments that now fund training for some of their staff. Or click on the links below for more information. Self funded students welcome.