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Experienced sensitive musicians offering singing and music in the community and in social care

Co Dublin James Kane                                   
Music teacher and student song therapist

James is 41 years old based in Lucan Co Dublin Ireland 00 35 3867 790556

James currently works with Gymboree Play and Music as a teacher where he has been teaching Pre-School and Montessori children for the last 3 years. He is also a singer songwriter. He plays the guitar and has also studied Saxophone and Flute at the Royal Irish Academy of music. He is also currently a student song therapist where he hopes to be involved in helping others with my music skill and ability across many different platforms.

" I have been working and been involved in music for over 20 years and I have experiences in working with all kinds of different clients. Music has always kept me in the right direction during difficult times as a child and through my teens, I always had music as a friend and a companion, it was a way of coping when things were difficult. Music to me has always been an expression of emotion that words can never say, and later when I continued to study music on a more professional basis I found that it can also be so fascinating to discover the power that music can have.

" I have also worked with special needs children, and I have sung in day care centres also I am a very kind and sensitive person that creates a relaxing space where others can be happy and carefree and let the music take them somewhere great."

Bachelor of Arts Degree(BA) in Business from Dublin City University  Diploma in Community music teaching from the Royal Irish Academy of Music   Diploma as a Special Needs Assistant   Higher National Diploma in Music Management.   James is 41 years old based in Lucan Co Dublin Ireland 00 35 3867 790556

Co Dublin Sandra Kwiatkowska 
Student song therapist and modern vocal techniques

Sandra is 41 years old based in Dublin Ireland 35 3857 405876

Sandra is an experienced professional vocalist and founder and facilitator of ''Singing Circle With Sandra – Reconnect With Heart through Voice'' held in Dublin. Her personal and artistic paths are dedicated to re-connection with heart through voice. Sandra believes that the main function of singing, as a natural potential of every human being, is to freely express emotions and feelings.Her workshops are designed to help release the voice, open the heart and boost self-esteem.

Currently studying Modern Vocal Techniques Level One and Song Therapy.




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