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Tyne & Wear Susie Jones                                   
Vocal Lead on behalf of North Tyneside Music Education Hub
Music Educational Consultant

North Tyneside  07879 002371

Educated young people formally for 18 years for Local Authorities, Hubs,
charities, Churches, Self Employed with a view to enabling anybody to believe
in themselves to reach their personal challenge, be it academic, soft skilled or
an ambition to be reached.

As someone who’s inner critic was severe and who looked to others for reassurances but doubted their credit. I realised after a LONG journey that I needed to accept and encourage myself to achieve and feel confident in my own skin and with others as a person and through music.

For me, the holistic person and Music (arts based) making are intwined, I
encourage this in all activities I deliver as a musician, teacher, workshop leader
and vocal lead for North Tyneside Music Education Hub. Recently I have seen
dividends of this in my work leading 12-24 year olds on the Standing Upright
Project, on behalf of YMCA North Tyneside and NTMEH where young people
have all manner of personal barriers to overcome to reach their end goal of
achieving Arts Awards Bronze-Gold. While the course has been a success the
main outcome has been the relationships and trust built over time, through
music making to enable young people to grow independently as people as well
as Musicians, organisers, artists and composers.

To run groups such as this I believe there needs to be a trust between leader
and participant, with genuine interest in the individual, this can take time to
build, but becomes the basis of pushing and supporting boundaries.
Participants can divide their own ethical code with the leader to enable a safe
working space for all, based on mutual respect, patience, a calm code of
conduct and peer respect for others their starting points, backgrounds and that
we don’t know what’s happened in our day when we meet, so no assumptions
should be met. With all of this a sense of humour and kinds words are also

Self Employed Musical Education Consultant 2010-PD with responsibilities
including being the Vocal Lead for North Tyneside Music education Hub,
running a variety of choirs throughout the region and leading on the Spring
Sing, as 4 day vocal celebration culminating in performances at the Whitley Bay
Playhouse. Primary lead teacher offering CPD for primary teachers throughout
the borough on planning, assessment, delivery, vocal health, Sining strategy,
Sing-up, Charanga and Ten Pieces. Project lead delivering mass Samba
parades/body Percussion/MD for mass vocal works including Adiemus as well
as supporting Snappy Operas being delivered throughout North Tyneside,
Garage band, on mass Ceilidhs from beginner to experienced musicians with
50 strong band members.

YMCA Standing Upright Project 2017-PD - leading young people to achieve
arts awards/ABRSM exams as well as developing soft skills, a safe place to be
creative, learn to organise music/arts based events, work collaboratively and
enable songs rising and performance opportunities for NEETS and a vast
variety of backgrounds and experiences.
2002-2010 - Secondary Music Teacher
2013 Musical Director Flint Street Nativity - Priory Theatre Tynemouth
2000-2001 - National Autistic society
A gigging musician with a multi instrumental discipline from Ceilidh bands as a
recorder player and caller to a pit musician as a percussionist.

Personal experiences include being privileged to be a Mother of four Children,
married, and managing with a small support network has enabled the
opportunity to make big community networks which we have thrived as a family
belonging to.

PGCE Secondary Music  BA(hons) Popular Music Studies
ARSM on Recorder   Arts Award Assessor Discover/Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold
Forty years of age and based in North Tyneside England
07879 002371 @Susiejones7




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