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Information for Employees

NHS Trusts, Local Government, Education Authorities, Charities and NGOs are now regularly funding Song Therapy staff training in the UK.

If you work for the NHS, Local Government, or perhaps an established NGO or Charity and are interested in securing funding for our study programme from your employer, you should contact your line manager, make them aware that NHS Trusts and Local Government departments are funding Song Therapy training for their staff.

It is important to share with your line manager that transferable leadership skills are at the heart of Song Therapy training. This will considerably improve the chances that your funding request be considered seriously. We can liaise directly with your line manager, inhouse training department or indeed any third party that might be involved in the process of approving your funding request. We are here to offer support in this process in any way that we can.

There is a link below to more information for your employer. Feel free to pass this link on and of course, we will happily speak directly to you or your employer and provide further information. We are also very happy to arrange a visit to meet your employer and discuss whether Song Therapy training is right for your organisation. Alternatively we can meet on ZOOM or speak on the telephone.

Nigel Neill

ST Course Facilitator



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