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Our course has been running since November 2018 and here are some comments from some of our students from the last couple of years.

"THANK YOU again, for the opportunity to study the course. I’m thrilled to have completed it and feel really nourished and rejuvenated by its content."

Lyndsay September 2022


" Really inspirational reading ! Thank you. Your conclusion section, for me personally opened a door and shone a very distant light that I am gently and quietly now being encouraged to follow - a path I have always wanted to go down, but never knew how to find. When you have a moment, could you please send the assignment for module 4." Many thanks

Joanna June 2022


" I’ve really enjoyed delving deeper into the course and seeing how all the modules are beginning to fuse together with the earlier modules being a foundation for what I’m learning now. I’m not particularly good at retaining information so, what seems like, going over some of the old ground and then building on it has been so invaluable. Throughout the study the course as encouraged me to evaluate myself and my working relationships which I must say has also been helpful for my self development. Since starting the course I have taken on the role as assistant team leader managing a room with five staff and I would say much of this course would benefit anyone in a managerial role. I’ve really enjoyed the latest module music as a friend and as medicine and how you have been able to simplify some real complex aspects of the course for those less academic like myself. Thanks for such an enlightening experience so far. "

Alan April 2022


" Thank you for facilitating the session today. I found it very interesting to hear the viewpoint of all in attendance and I also seem to be enjoying some clarity of mind now. I think mindfulness may be a very useful tool and I’m looking forward to the next session. All best wishes."

Jane November 2021


" I have enjoyed this 2nd module. Once again, there was lots which resonated with me from my teaching background inparticular the Developmental Psychology section. I also found the section on 'awareness of our senses’ particularly interesting as many children on my current caseload have sensory impairments – hearing or vision or sensory processing disorders. I have loved reading David Howe’s book ‘Attachment across the lifecourse’. Again this ties in with my daily work and the impact of different types of attachment. My work often involves supporting parents to be available for their child and sensitively respond to their needs, signals and attempts at communication. So useful to have this knowledge refreshed and renewed with additional information and much more food for thought and how it relates to music and singing group sessions."

Lyndsay October 2021


" The content has come at a very timely point in my life and has given me much to consider. As ever, the subjects covered in the module are interesting and relevant to what we are trying to achieve with music but the "human element" is given such emphasis I have found myself in tears of relief that I have discovered something that resonates with what I believe is important and wish to learn more about. "

Jane September 2021


" I'm am really enjoying the journey that this course is taking me on. I have found my practice changing, for the better I hope!, over the past 6 months. Take care.

Stuart August 2021


" I have to say that I find the way the course content is written very endearing, easy to follow and helpful in terms of how the subject relates to our quest. The concepts are both new to many and quite complex but somehow it seems clear and logical and I am learning so much more than I imagined."

Jane July 2021


" I was also going to contact you to say that I've finished the materials for Module1 . I have REALLY enjoyed it, thanks so much. It's been the right balance of underlining and reinforcing things I've learnt previously in my life journey as it were, but also lots of new things and 'filling in the gaps' particularly in the context of different philosophies, history of psychological thinking and approaches to therapy in general. Some videos I was thinking "ooh I must send that to such-and-such". And some challenging things that probably 'grated' a little with me but that's not a bad thing eh??

I really like the way you continually stress that even with disagreement/confusion/not having all the information, there is learning - very much my approach in life (well I try to take a learn from everything I can!). Also the emphasis on awareness over solutions and 'fixing' - really powerful. I am a self-confessed 'self-awareness ninja'!!!! ie it's one of the highest values for me.

So thanks again and look forward to hearing from you. "

Gaynor June 2021


" Its so lovely to get to meet you all in the ZOOM session, you really are so kind and welcoming and warm. Yes, I'm happy to be back and a to be a part of what you've created. I've never felt an educational setting or course to be as accepting and caring and inclusive. So happy. Really. Anyway, thats the gushing moment over (for now at least).

Luianna June 2021


" I have finished reading , module six up to : Assignment part one, music as medicine. Its all so interesting, especially the information about , when things can go wrong, I just didn't know before, or how to handle a situation, it is so good to be able to understand, how and what participants can have difficulties with, and to be able to react in a non judgmental, sympathetic and respective manna. I am learning so much, thank you. "

Stephanie June 2021


" Thank you so much for such comprehensive and encouraging feedback - so appreciate this. I've taken a glimpse at the next assignment and can't wait to get started. The course is just wonderful! "

Kirsti April 2021


" I just wanted to write to say thank you - I have just, along with the support of my head at school, put out on staff email to all our teachers, a flyer for an activity run by me on Tuesday evenings, using our outside space, for singing and mindfulness sessions, 40 minutes each week as part of staff well being but also for my course...I have, in under 10 minutes had 15 staff reply literally biting my arm off for this and saying that after the year we have had they just can't wait and so although this benefits me and my studies...it feels like some kind of breath of fresh air all round and I can now spend my Easter holiday writing some short meditations and short songs to go with each one, all with the theme of summer. I feel so uplifted and excited about it and without the course I doubt I would have had the motivation or confidence to organise something like this...this is therapy for the song therapist as well as the participants...I can't tell you how much this has cheered up my year! "

Julie March 2021


" I've completed the study of Module 2 and am ready to be sent the assignment please. I found the material really interesting and at just the right level for me. Back in the day (Aged 18) I studied the first year of a physiotherapy diploma which had a compulsory psychology module. I remembered some names and theories, but I'd retained little, and actually didn't enjoy the study back then. In contrast, I'm now completely fascinated to be studying this and with so much more purpose.

I like the mix of text, videos, and the pointers to longer reading, you've made it all really approachable, I never have to push myself to study, it's a genuine pleasure. The writing is as though you're talking to us in real time, it's a very natural style whilst still highly structured and full of useful content."

Liz March 2021


" I’m delighted thanks. I am just about finished Module 4 so you can send on the assignment anytime. I also want to say how much I loved the Carl Rogers book. I do believe that books come to us at the time they are meant to and this was a book I needed to read at this point in my life! It really is a wonderful course. I’m enjoying it so. Thanks again! "

Caroline February 2021


" Thank you for the webinar, it certainly helps to go through some of what we have learnt and expanding on it, so much to think about, I find myself looking at other similar ted talks to.
This is my first opportunity to study a professional course, due to my past difficulties and dyslexia I lack confidence and trust in my own ability, to complete assignments, I feel your feed back from assignments are especially important to
me, and encouraging, so that I am ready for the next module. "

Stephanie February 2021


" Excellent course. I really got a lot from it, and will continue to, as the learning keeps changing the way I think about both myself and others."

Liz October 2020



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