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Our free monthly webinars take place on the last Sunday of the month at 12 noon. They offer a friendly supportive space for sharing ideas and encouraging responsible practice. Guest speakers are often invited to speak on particular topics.

Open to all Song Therapy students and the general public too. To receive ZOOM invitations delivered to your mail box contact us by email and we will send you the link every month. No other registration details are required. info@songtherapy.net

November 28th 2021 12 Noon GMT on ZOOM

The Power of Patterns in Music and Life

Familiar visual patterns might also be called symbols. They communicate ideas and instructions without the need for words. Sometimes they will trigger intense emotions both positive and negative. They might also trigger reminiscence.

Most audio patterns and symbols reveal themselves over time and many musical patterns use repetition to reinforce the message. Some, including the harmonic series reveal themselves in the moment, just like visual symbols.

The webinar explores the roots of familiar patterns in music and why we are drawn so easily to music melodies rooted in standard major, minor and pentatonic scales.

Beyond this how we can employ this knowledge to offer safety and security to our music group participants and then find interesting ways to gently introduce them to new musical ideas that help build confidence and self worth.

The session is taken by Nigel Neill.

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