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Song Therapy Webinars

offer a friendly supportive space for sharing ideas and encouraging responsible practice. Guest speakers are often invited to speak on particular topics.

Open to all Song Therapy students and the general public too. To receive ZOOM invitations delivered to your mail box contact us by email and we will send you the link every month. No other registration details are required.



Sunday February 5th 2023 12 noon GMT on Zoom

Motivation, Meaning and Purpose

What gets you out of bed in the morning? The completion of your first symphony or thrash metal youtube video that will secure your place in the cultural history of the nation? To pay the bills? To get your kids to school so they can live fulfilled lives and have children of their own? To pray to your maker for a better world and forgiveness? To light a cigarette and have the first drink of the day? To help others? To have fun ? All of these !!??

There is a school of philosophical thought that says all of these reasons for living and more reasons besides are psychological strategies that allow us to face up to the terror and inevitability of our ultimate mortality. Most common being securing our immediate well being through the active pursuit of acceptance and the approval of our family, friends and workmates - social inclusion within the protective 'hug' of the tribe so to speak. Beyond this ultimately securing our immortality through faith, spirituality, cultural legacy or genes (our children).

This gentle thought provoking webinar will encourage us to look at our own motivations through the particular prism of existential fear. (There are of course many other ways of looking at motivation.)

Such exploration then puts us in a better position to understand the motivational issues that others might be facing in their lives. This is an important consideration for sensitive creative leaders who might have group participants facing up to physical and mental health challenges in their lives.

We will also take a brief look at wider 'practical' physiological factors which might affect motivation; the feedback loop of drugs and addictions, sunlight, medications, illness.

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