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Certificate in Song Therapy


Academic Entry Qualifications

Our online certificate course involves a lot of reading, some of which is quite academic. However we make a very special effort to communicate our learning in a way that is open and accessible.

Many of our students are well qualified with Degrees, Master Degrees and in some case Doctorates too. However many other students have years of practical work experience in many different walks of life. Many have developed very special human skills working with vulnerable children and adults.

We accept adults onto the course from the age of twenty one. Ideally you will have studied to A level or equivalent and so will have an understanding of the demands on your time as you embrace some of the reading that is required. You will also need to allow time for videos, assignments and other practical exercises.

We are also happy to consider applications from mature students who have studied to GCSE level or equivalent if they have also undertaken industry training during their working lives involving some academic reading, submission of essays and case studies.


Musical Entry Requirements

Research appears to show that most of us are innately musical and many of our students use this genetic 'musicality' to good effect in their work. Many of our students are trained musicians and teachers. Some have spent their lives working professionally in the music industry in orchestras, bands, ensembles, choirs, rock and pop bands, cabaret etc etc. Others on our course use their voices and musical skills informally in their professional work settings in education, social care, health and community.

There are no specific musical entry requirements. We do however need to know that you plan to use music in your future work, either using your voice or perhaps a musical instrument that you play, or perhaps both. If you are an activity co-ordinator it might be that you will use other resources, including calling upon musicians to help you with your work, or using playlists of songs and backing tracks to encourage music making with your group participants.

It is important to say that there are two particular modules of the course that some might find more demanding than others and we provide extra support for those who are less familiar with some of the musical protocols that we discuss.

If in doubt please just get in touch!

You are always welcome to apply to join the course and if we feel our particular learning programme doesn't meet you personal needs then be assured we will let you know and offer you some advice as to how you might proceed in other ways to build your skills.


IT Entry Requirements

You will need day to day access to a modern laptop or desktop computer that can read and write .docx files. You will also need a reasonably fast connection to the internet. You will need basic IT skills.