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Thank you for your interest in song therapy.

Song therapists understand the value of familiar well known music and song, helping people feel relaxed, safe and secure. They know when it is right to introduce new forms of music too; encouraging cognition, exploration, learning, confidence, meaning, self worth and well being.

Song therapists are trained in self awareness, active listening, person centred thinking and group leadership. They offer a clearly defined professional approach to therapeutic music making in recreational settings. It is important to say that song therapy is not music therapy which is a clinical healthcare profession.

Our song therapy course was launched in the UK three years ago and we currently have seventy eight enrolled students who come from all walks of life; a very wide range of life experience, musical influences and academic qualifications. They include a number of international students from the US, Ireland, Germany and the Channel Islands. We also currently have interest from community musicians in Russia, Croatia, Greece and New Zealand, some of whom we hope to welcome to the course in the months ahead.

Nigel Neill
Course Facilitator
Dr Catherine

External Course Advisor
Clare Chappel
Student Welfare & Supervision
Lynsey Wellington

Perhaps it is a truth that the quality of the professional supportive relationships we build with others is closely linked to the way we think about ourselves and important people and events in our lives. Maybe more so even than the extent of our formal training and acquired knowledge !

So our course offers a chance to develop important transferable skills that draw inspiration from person centred thinking; the rogerian counselling tradition; self awareness; listening skills; self worth and acceptance; responsible sensitive leadership: an exploration of human relationships rooted in established theories of child developmental psychology, philosopy, humanism, existentialism, spiritual and religious belief.

We then harness our students' natural musical talents, learning how music can offer empathy during anxious times and be there, when the time is right, to sensitively encourage growth, understanding, promoting social inclusion through play, musical adventures and creative expression.
A celebration of the potential of the human spirit to find its own way to a better place. Self directed growth and change.

Our students

Our course attracts a wide range of students from all walks of life. A
headteacher of a school in Cumbria for children with special educational needs; a Healthcare Assistant working in the community offering singing and music making as an extra to her clients that she visits in their homes on a day to day basis; a Doctor of Music recently qualified from Winchester University; a Doctor of Psychology practising in Northern Ireland; an activity co ordinator in a residential care home in Hemel Hempstead who runs an informal choir for the residents and also sings in a rock'n'roll duo; many full time and part time teachers working with vulnerable children of all ages; independent musicians supporting community music making programmes of all kinds in the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the USA; those with close ties to the NHS and offering music programmes through the NHS recovery college initiative; specialist music makers working in dementia, brain injury, mental health, learning disability; post graduate trained students with mixed skills, psychology, philosophy, music, etc etc.

Most of our students are mature students but we have some younger students too who we welcome onto the course from the age of 21 upwards. We currently have some eighty students enrolled on our programme of whom some fifty are actively studying at the moment. Students are free to take breaks from their studies if important work and family commitments need to be attended to.

We are enrolling during September 2020 and Jan 2021. You are also welcome to register your general interest in the course and this will ensure you get sent updates throughout the year.

Reading is an important part of our course and students are encouraged to build an awareness of established authors that inform their learning. To this end we issue, free of charge, six core texts for students to enjoy whilst studying song therapy plus an annual subscription to Philosophy Now magazine. A total face value of some £120.

For qualified song therapists who use backing tracks in their music sessions we have a growing resource pack of specially recorded music and song available for instant download promoting reminiscence and cognitive stimulation offering safety, security, play, fun and adventure; well being through music and song
Our course celebrates self awareness and acceptance as the roots of calm sensitive leadership. Understanding the relationships we have with ourselves and others in our lives is at the centre of this self awareness. To this end we offer all students a hard copy subscription to philosophy now magazine to encourage a journey of self discovery; reflection upon the impact that your spiritual ethical and cultural values have upon the relationships that you build with others in your life.



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Song Therapy is an online training programme distributed in the UK and Ireland by the Song Therapy Network. The course was written by Nigel Neill and copyright in the course materials is the property of West Street Creative Skills and Learning. The course is independently accredited by Complementary Health Professionals.

The Song Therapy Network

A not for profit informal association of working musicians and activity co ordinators promoting the sensitive and responsible delivery of therapeutic recreational music programmes in the community and in social care throughout the UK, Ireland, the rest of Europe and beyond.

Equality and Diversity Policy

We value diversity and we recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge and culture, and that this difference brings great strength. We believe that discrimination or exclusion based on individual characteristics and circumstances, such as age; disability; caring or dependency responsibilities; gender or gender identity; marriage and civil partnership status; political opinion; pregnancy and maternity; race, colour, caste, nationality, ethnic or national origin; religion or belief; sexual orientation; social and economic background; trade union membership status or other distinctions, represents a waste of talent and a denial of opportunity for self-fulfilment.

We recognise that patterns of under-representation and differences can be challenged through positive action programmes.

We respect the rights of individuals, including the right to hold different views and beliefs.
We will not allow these differences to be manifested in a way that is hostile or degrading to others.

Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy

Our 'Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy' seeks to manage effectively the risks associated with activities and events involving vulnerable adults that students may be involved in. Completing a risk assessment process which involves identifying risks and means of reducing or eliminating these Implementing the required actions identified by the risk assessment process and reviewing the effectiveness of these on a regular basis. Ensuring that the appropriate DBS or basic disclosure checks are conducted, depending on eligibility, for any individuals starting or moving into work which involves working with vulnerable adults.

Requiring students working with vulnerable adults to familiarise themselves with the content of this policy.

About the course facilitator

Nigel Neill is a professional community musician based in the south west of the UK running four community choirs in Taunton, Exeter, Minehead and Tiverton. He has worked extensively with learning disability groups and in life limiting care settings as well as providing on going music programmes for the brain injury charity Headway throughout Somerset; working with Parkinsons UK in North and West Somerset and providing music for those with dementia in residential home settings. He has worked closely with the mental health charity Rethink and is currently developing a music well being programme for Sompar NHS Trust to be rolled out in the Spring of 2020. Academic qualifications include a combined science honours degree; post graduate certificate in music and health (uwe) and certificate (level four) in counselling skills (uwe); four years running a school of sound engineering in the noughties and he has taught sound engineering and music and song composition at Peterborough Regional College in the nineties. Nigel recently studied music therapy for two years in Bristol, before switching to counselling skills for a third year; his professional background is music performance, recording, composition and song writing; composing original instrumental music for bbc television and recording many established artists.

Nigel is married with no children and is fifty nine years old.

He lives in West Somerset. More information here www.musichealth.co.uk

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