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Certificate in Song Therapy Skills

Song Therapy training is an established, independent approach to community music leadership. It offers experienced music and singing group leaders a unique opportunity to refine their human and music making skills to maximize the therapeutic impact of their work in community, social care and education. It has been available in the UK since 2018 through the Song Therapy Network.

Contemporary leadership training in all walks of life celebrates the value and importance of soft skills. Our course offers a modern, refreshing portal for creative leaders wishing to discover new ways to develop their personal leadership skills.

Please note our course is not for those who have no experience of leading music and singing groups in community, social care or education. If in doubt just get in touch and we can advise on the suitability of our course depending upon your personal circumstances.

Responsible Sensitive Leadership

We believe that the positive well being impact of community music making is closely linked to the human skills of the leaders of our groups. Our one year distance learning course offers a unique opportunity to look at community music making through the lens of modern philosophy, developmental psychology, emotional intelligence and the person centred therapy tradition.

Why study Song Therapy ?

If you wish to improve your career prospects our independent qualification will confirm to your employer and those commissioning your music programmes that you take a responsible professional approach to your recreational music making in community, education and social care. Music programmes which nowadays attract so many facing sobering health challenges in their lives.


"Knowledge without wisdom is a cup without water"

An opportunity for personal growth. Contemporary leadership training in all walks of life celebrates the value and importance of soft skills. Transferable skills. Empathy. Positive Regard. Emotional intelligence. Authenticity. Acceptance. Awareness. Self Awareness. Humility. To the benefit of yourself and indeed the participants of your music programmes

mandela quoteSupport and encouragement. Connection with like minded community music leaders with shared values and interest in well being and music making. Beyond this the reassurance that comes from a fascinating study programme that confirms the truth of music as tincture in life. Celebrated by the great philosophers and thinkers of our time and further reinforced by contemporary research, the evidence of rigorous scientific scrutiny.

Music and Well Being

We celebrate the power of popular music in all its cultural forms to bring people together, offering safe familiar musical spaces for those often facing sobering health challenges in their lives.


Further, the potential of songwriting and new music to offer opportunities for learning and self expression. Building confidence and understanding and promoting social cohesion and feelings of self worth.

Contact us now for a course information pack and a link to the first module of the course without obligation

Song Therapy is not Music Therapy which is a clinical healthcare profession. Song Therapy draws upon long established and widely celebrated academic research to provide solid foundations for professional sensitive leadership in recreational, informal music making settings.


We currently have some seventy students on our study programme, from the UK, Ireland, USA, Singapore and the EU. We welcome self funded students from the UK, Ireland and from around the world. Many students are funded by their employers including NHS Trusts, The Department of Health, Local Government, Education Authorities, Charities and other NGOs.


We have built informal alliances with other organisations interested in music and well being and can offer their employees and volunteers discounted training and support.


Our one year distance learning programme costs £850 including an enrolment fee of just £50. Nothing further to pay for three months whilst you familiarize yourself with the course materials and methodology. Students are allocated a personal tutor who is always there for you to offer ongoing support and guidance.

After three months you may withdraw with nothing further to pay. If you continue course fees can be paid over ten, fifteen or twenty months to suit your budget. If you subsequently withdraw from the course instalment payments cease with no further costs incurred.

The course is delivered online over ten months but students can take longer if required. Our learning programme is extremely flexible to fit your personal work and family commitments and you can enrol any time to suit your personal circumstances.



Song Therapy Network

The Song Therapy Network Facebook Group is open to all. A place where students and the general public can share ideas and offer encouragement to others interested in music and well being. Do join us by clicking the link above and requesting membership.


Get in Touch

If you have any queries at all about our learning programme and whether it is right for you please get in touch and we can arrange to talk by email, phone or ZOOM.

Contact us now for a course information pack and a link to the first module of the course without obligation

In the first instance just click the link above to get the course information pack and we shall get back to you within forty eight hours. Thank you for your interest.

Nigel Neill

Cert ST Course Co-Ordinator




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