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Information for Self funded Students

Thank you for your interest in our course. Many students are sponsored by their employers but we enrol many self funded students onto the course every year. You can pay in instalments if you wish and we will work with you as the course progresses to ensure that the financial pressure of course fees never gets in the way of your enjoyment of the course. If you decided to withdraw at any stage you would never be asked to pay any more than you had already paid on your instalment plan.

January 2023 course fees are £850. Typically self funded students pay a £100 enrolment fee followed by ten, fifteen or twenty monthly instalments. If you leave the course or need to pause your study, instalments are frozen and there is nothing more to pay. If you are struggling to find course fees at any point you need only discuss this with us and we will organise something to fit your circumstances.

Do contact us with any query whatsoever - we have much more information we can send to you about the course to help you decide if it is for you or not.

Thank you again for your interest.


Nigel Neill

ST Course Facilitator


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