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Information for Employers

Thank you for your interest in our course. There is growing awareness of the value of music and singing in community, health, social care and education, particularly so for those facing up to health challenges in their lives.

Song Therapy is a new approach to using music in recreational informal music making settings. It celebrates sensitive aware responsible group leadership and particularly celebrates popular music as a way of offering others a sense of belonging, security and acceptance, particularly so when faced by the health challenges of life.

Organisations funding Song Therapy training for their staff


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Transferable skills are at the heart of Song Therapy training. The celebration of sensitive responsible professional leadership. Soft skills. Self awareness. Acceptance. Mindfulness. Person-Centred Thinking. Active Listening. Communication. Empathy. Positive Regard. Authenticity. Critical thinking. Observation.




Our independent online training programme has been offered in the UK since 2018 through the Song Therapy Network, an informal international association of community musicians and activity co ordinators. Our training is not an academically accredited programme of study, rather our framework is rooted in the holistic complementary health tradition. To that end our course is industry accredited by Complementary Health Professionals, an independent London based Association, a leading light in responsible independent therapeutic practice for the last twenty five years.

Students are increasingly being sponsored by their employers. This includes NHS Trusts, MIND, Department of Health, Local Government, Education Authorities, Charities and other NGOs.

It appears that our one year online course, centred around transferable leadership skills is proving popular among employers looking to enhance their employees' human and musical skills as they develop informal music making programmes in their workplace settings.

Employers who have funded Song Therapy training for their staff include Cornwall NHS Trust, Rochdale & Doncaster NHS Trust, Health & Social Care Northern Ireland (Department of Health), Wrekin & Telford Council, Bridgend Council, Plymouth Music Education Service, The Arts Council, The Epilepsy Society, Norfolk Education Service.

The course costs £850 and is delivered online over ten months but students can take longer if required due to other commitments. Fees can be paid in full in advance or in instalments. We can create a payment plan to suit your own organisation.

Please get in touch for details.Students need to allow two hours a week for study plus extra time for assignments plus a little ZOOM based learning.

Certificate Course Structure

If you would like further information, or perhaps arrange a meeting in person or a ZOOM meeting or telephone call to discuss the possible funding of one or more of your employees' training please do get in touch. We will do our very best to help you decide whether our training programme is the right one for your staff.

Alternatively if you have already decided to approve funding for our course, please ask your employee to contact us direct. There is an application form for the course and once approved we can then liaise directly with your purchasing department regarding paperwork and administration. We offer three intakes a year, January, May and September and numbers are limited at this time to thirty students a year in total.

There is further information below, including a link to our Course Advisory Team which has slowly built over the last five years and offers us first class academic support as we build our vocational training programmes for the future.

Thank you again for your interest.

Nigel Neill

ST Course Facilitator




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